Hello! we are 3 Argentinian designers living in Barcelona. We are passionate about patterns, prints, fashion, illustration, collage, and thousand of creatives fields. We always talked about doing something together and here is…and we want that you participate to 💕 we have several reasons to create these contests, first because we love to test different technics but the main one is to maintain that creative fire in our hearts, everything without constrains more than a subject.

How does it work?

We are going to upload to the page 3 designs with a weekly subject for the next 2 month. Yasss summer inspires us.

I will know who created each design?

No! Until the end of the contest. We want to keep the less subjective as we can. ( But if you know us a little bit you will figure out)

Can I participate in another way (beyond voting)?

Yes! You can help us with the subject, contact us if you have a cool subject to draw writing to: [email protected]

If you want to collaborate with us, propose any subject, spread some love to these 3 designers, please contact us. We will answer as soon as we can

I consent to the conditions.